Plate Feeder
Plate Feeder

Plate Feeder

A feeding machine with impact resistance and large convey capacity.Production capacity: 15~217 m3/h.Product Improvement: A reducer with large speed ratio, speed adjustment motor.

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Product Features:

  • Compact structure, reliable quality.
  • Wide application, high efficiency.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Plate feeder has light type, medium type and heave type
  • Medium and heavy type are the common plate feeder consisting of.
  • 1、Transmission device: motor, speed reducer, coupling etc. 2、Head wheel: head frame, driving shaft, chain wheel, transmission shaft and front frame 3、Chain 4、Chain plate 5、Tail wheel: chain wheel, rear rack, tension device etc. 6、Support and side board 7、Intermediate frame

Product Application:

Plate feeder can deliver bulk materials with particle size ≤160mm. It is used to continuously and uniformly feed minerals to devices like crushing or conveying equipment in nonferrous metals, mining, cement, fertilizer, chemical, metallurgical, paper, mining, dressing, ingredients industries, etc. Its good at feeding the bulk materials whose apparent density of a continuous uniformly no more than 12400kg/m3, block weight not exceeding 140kg, temperature is not higher than 140℃.

Technical Data